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Welcome! - campaigning against the inequities of the BBC's Licence Fee enforcement regime.

This page summarises the present situation.

The Perry Review into Licence Fee Enforcement

The Government Review of Licence Fee enforcement has begun, under the leadership of David Perry QC. Disappointingly (and bafflingly) the Review's remit has been limited to the disposal of TVL cases in Court. At present, the authorities seem to be assuming that there are no issues with the "investigation" part of the process, and that it is fit for purpose now, and (more surprisingly) would remain fit for purpose irrespective of any changes to the disposal part of the process.

You can read the official Licence Free response here, made jointly with other interested groups and individuals.

John Whittingdale appointed Minister for Culture

John Whittingdale MP has been appointed Minister for Culture in the new Cabinet. This is to be welcomed as Mr. Whittingdale has a long history of holding the BBC to account in his role as Chair of the Parliamentary Culture Committee. He is also personally aware of many of the issues with the Licence Fee. Political response to Licence Fee issues has been poor in the past, and we sincerely hope that this appointment marks a turning point in that somewhat lacklustre response.

Open Letters to the BBC

A second Open Letter has been sent to the BBC, and escalated following non-response. This letter builds on the original, and raises a range of new issues.

See here for more info

Search Warrant Obstruction

Search Warrants remain rare, but TVL are now prosecuting obstruction offences, which carry a maximum penalty of £5000.

See here for more info