Licence Free Title
Licence Free Title

The "Ban The Man" campaign

* TV Licensing are an equal opportunities threat to law & order

Block TVL access

The Law provides more than adequate protection against TVL - it just needs putting into action.

Follow the simple steps here to build a highly effective legal shield for you and your household against anything that TVL could possibly throw at you.

Your Rights

You have these Rights, and more...

The Right to Privacy - The right to live your life in peace, free from arbitrary and unwarranted intrusion at or in your home by Public Authorities like TVL.

The Right to Justice - The right not to be subject to unfair enforcement policies like those of TVL. An obligation upon TVL to protect you from their rogue employees. The requirement for TVL to abide by all relevant laws, including the PACE codes of practice.

Rights during Interview - Various rights under the regulations for Interview under Caution, including the requirement for informed consent to interview (which precludes TVL using subterfuge to procure an interview or to undermine your rights), the Right to Silence, the Right to Counsel (to seek legal advice) and the option to cease the interview at your discretion.

In other words, everything that TVL does to unlicensed households raises genuine questions of legality, and in certain areas is definitively unlawful.

This, together with the overall questions of TVL's remit and accountablity mean that every legally Licence-free household should protect themselves against TVL by being aware of the law, or by using the solution described here. The affront of TVL and the associated risks are too great not to.

The BanTheMan Letter

Important: This letter is awaiting testing. Until then, it should be accepted by TVL, but if you use it, it is very much at your own risk.

Dear TVL,

I am aware from statements made in FOI responses and elsewhere that the BBC regards BBC/TV Licensing doorstepping as a consensual matter (for the Householder). I understand that this is your claimed exemption to the Right to Privacy under the Human Rights Act.

In addition, PACE Code C 3.22 states that the presence of a non-Police interviewer on one's property is a matter of "informed consent", and that a person being interviewed in such circumstances has the power to cease the interview and to require the Interviewer to leave the premises.

On this basis, I am permanently invoking the two rights above, from the date of this letter until further notice by me. As such, any BBC/TVL staff who attend my premises shall be deemed to be trespassing without further warning, and will be subject to removal (using reasonable force, if necessary). In addition, I will seek legal remedy for the civil tort of Trespass, including financial damages and ultimately an Injunction. There shall be no Interview under Caution on my premises. Any reports made by your staff of such an Interview taking place should be deemed by you to be fraudulent (and I understand that there are many previous reports of such misconduct by persons working for BBC/TV Licensing's contractor).

I am aware that BBC/TV Licensing has previously sought to limit Common Law bans from residential premises to a period of 2 years, although it has failed to state the legal basis for this. I understand the justification to be a speculative desire to be kept informed of changes in ownership or tenacy, however no such requirement is expressed in legislation and therefore does not exist. Please take notice that this ban (associated with my rights under the Human Rights Act and PACE) has no limit on its duration, there being no basis within Human Rights law or PACE for any limit on the duration of protected/legal rights. Any member of your staff attending my premises without the consents withheld here will be deemed trespassing, whether this attendance occurs before or after the date 2 years from this notice.

I appreciate that the Law gives BBC/TV Licensing other investigatory options, and in the event that you establish reasonable grounds for suspicion of Licence Evasion at my premises, you may contact me by post to inform me of the issue, provide contact details so that an Interview under Caution may take place and give details of the suspected offence. Since BBC/TV Licensing will remain banned from my premises, and since I have a Right to Counsel, the interview will take place at the offices of my Solicitor and BBC/TV Licensing will agree to meet all reasonable costs involved. In the unlikely event of a TV Licensing Warrant, please be aware that I will still wish to exercise my Right to Counsel during any Interview under Caution, and BBC/TV Licensing must facilitate this.

I also require you to Cease and Desist from sending your mass enforcement letters, since they are harassing, threatening, misleading and offensive. You may send one further letter to confirm that you have received these instructions and another in the event of evidence of evasion being established.

These instructions apply to England, Wales and Northern Ireland, based on English Law.

For and on behalf of all residents of this address.

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