Licence Free Title
Licence Free Title

Exceptions to the Licence

... being legally Licence-free.

Set yourself free

There are some important exceptions to the Licensing laws, and with catch-up and video-on-demand services now widely available, it's become very easy for even avid TV watchers to dispense with their Licences - completely legally.

We consider it an absolute right under UK law to be able to live happily, without fuss from TVL, when you have no need of a TV Licence. There is no legal basis for them to harass you or to check inside your home for illicit TV watching.

Legally Licence Free options

The law has now changed so that BBC's iPlayer requires a TV Licence to use, but don't worry, that still leaves all of this:- We don't recommend that you maintain a Sky or Virgin Media contract that includes TV within it just to get access to Broadband and Catch-up (and it's an expensive way to do that, anyway).

Viable iPlayer Loopholes

The new law on iPlayer comes complete with various loopholes:- These options require a Licence, but are outside the scope of current TVL enforcement capability:-

Types of Equipment

There is now a huge range of equipment that provides access to Catch-up services and Video-on-demand. Whilst we're not going to recommend any particular solution (because people's needs vary), you may want to consider the following (list compiled November 2016)...

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